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I didn't find any reference of any commercial oven being used in a home kitchen.


Some areas won't allow the sort of btu's professional model put out & some areas that do allow it require special boarding around it.

I couldn't justify the differential in price, so I went with a Thermador Professional Gas Cooktop instead.

Years ago, before Wolf Residential was bought from Wolf by Sub Zero, hey took their commercial range and added insulation all around inside the outer metal part so you could bump it up right against your wall and kitchen cabinets.

I still hate myself for not going for it, but at the time, from a Restaurant Supply house the Wolf commerical range with the raised griddle and broiler underneath, was about 00 and the insulated Residential version of the same Range was about 00.

I agree with the other posters - it's probably better you don't go that route. Commercial ranges are not insulated like residential and that can be dangerous - especially if there are children in the house.

Jock If you're really serious, you can check e Bay for an older model Residential Wolf Range.


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