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You can trim a recording from both ends, split the clip into parts, and insert another recording at the end of a screen video, or just after where your cursor is placed in the timeline.Editing a Quick Time video recording is not easy as the other solutions I tried.If you want to get more out of Quick Time, check out Mark’s handy tips for the application For more control over the recording and editing of desktop videos, the widely used Screen Flow allows you to record everything on the desktop, and then parts of the screen recording can be cropped, zoomed, and panned for a professional looking production.We reviewed an earlier version of Screen Flow With Screen Flow, you can add annotations, callouts, and display one or more video clips on top of the main video.Note: You can also record video beyond the desktop using the Mac’s i Sight camera or an external video camera by choosing File For the best recording, you’ll probably want to record a window or part of the screen instead of the entire screen to capture a higher fidelity recording.Click the Start Recording button when you’re ready.

You can stop the recording by clicking the Quick Time icon in the menu bar, or clicking on the icon in the dock and selecting Stop Screen Recording.

The latest version of Quick Time also includes some basic editing features in the timeline.

After launching the application, select File New Screen Recording.

When the recording window appears, suse the drop-down menu to select the microphone you want to use, or select None if you don’t need audio recording.


— are useful for teaching and training purposes, communicating computer problems, and making presentations.Some screen recording solutions are as simple as click-and-record, while others provide a more complex tool set for advanced recording and editing. For a quick, cost-free solution, Apple’s default media application Quick Time is ready and waiting for screen recordings.


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