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Chat Decently , use the chat rooms for making good friends and develope the communication skills.Dont abuse anybody in chat rooms Do not share your email or phone numbers Chatrooms tells your inner behaviour.


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    I like Tom Hiddelston though, but for a time I mixed him up with J. However, I do know people who know and/or have worked with Ben, and their opinions run hot and cold. He is doing very well for himself and I think equally as talented as BC. I am a huge Sherlock fan and was just curious about your views. As for women, yes he does seem to be into curvier women than what your average actor would be into, which is interesting. He's constantly seen checking out interviewers boobs and ass. That said, R64, I have to agree that he doesn't have much chemistry with women on screen. I don't think he's fully gay, since I do think he's genuinely into women, but he might be into men too.. And to the posters who said he's a bad actor, I have to disagree.

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