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I am a sensual, caring lover who wants to connect mentally as well as physically.

I love my fight sports and all types of weight training, running, swimming and getting to the beach etc....a...

Tall, educated lady, feminine, loves to be active and I go dancing several nights a week. Hey I'm Kane I'm currently living at Gold Coast but travel frequently to Sydney and Melbourne for work. I enjoy producing music, very much into my sports and got a very active nig...

I'm often too nice for my own good and wish I could be a bitch lol I definitely have a naughty side though : P That's why I'm on this site. view profile Categories: Casual Sex, Southport Women seeking Men, Southport Women seeking Women, Southport Women seeking Couples - Female/Male, Southport Women seeking Couples - Female/Female, Southport Women seeking Couples - Male/Male We are happy couple looking to add some excitement into our life, and spice up our bedroom. ) We are both playful & eye-candy, bit on the sexy side.. We love oral, conventional and bondage / role playing......view profile Ummmm...2o words hey....well, Soldier fulltime, so try and spend my down time doing everything I love.


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    She has appeared in commercials and advertisements for Crest toothpaste, Old Spice, and Dooney & Bourke handbags.

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    As a relationship therapist, I see codependence all the time.

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    Check the Connecticut Public Broadcasting website for more on how to support CPBN content.

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    These services are strictly for making contacts for online sex. I’m an educated professional who enjoys travel, music and fine dining.

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    It was interesting that she told me that; it was as though she was prepared for me to deny that I had said these things to my sister in law. Part of me couldn’t understand why she was upset because so far she wasn’t repeating anything I supposedly said, that I hadn’t actually said.

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