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Chat Chat is an online multiplayer game by Terry Cavanagh, creator of VVVVVV.

It's a highly intricate simulation involving deep-level behavioral algorithms and calculus-based — wait, no it isn't! The wildest dream of every internet human has come true in this simple little game, giving you full permission to nap, purr, meow, and catch mice to your furry heart's content.

Change the color, style and size of fonts with ease.


It just shows a black screen where the game should be.

I'm playing on a Windows 7 computer, on Firefox, if that helps.


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    DAO is the native Access library (what Access itself uses), whereas ADO is a more generic library (now superseded by the vastly different ADO.

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    I just figure those websites get quite enough air-time with their endless TV advertising, so I wanted to explore some different ideas.

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    Like salve on an open wound, their care brought comfort to a wounded heart.

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    Before you add the app or game, you'll see details of what information you're sharing with the app or game, and you can choose to cancel if you don't want to share that info.

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    Ryan wasn’t in the picture, and he had been posting pictures of listings, which could hint that he was in New York to settle some business before jumping on a plane.

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