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A keen interest in the stock market is a prerequisite. Please read these Terms and Conditions of Use ('Terms') carefully before using In these Terms, 'we', 'us' and ‘REACH Trustee Services’ means the owner of this Website and the REACH Trustee Services ™ trademark and brand, and 'you' means the user of this Website.You acknowledge that you are responsible for making back-up copies of all your data and taking appropriate precautions against viruses, hacking and other types of computer misuse.The Junior Analyst position is designed to prepare the individual for a Senior Analyst position with full coverage responsibilities in approximately three years.The successful candidate for Research Associate will play a key role in furthering the success of a research franchise through multiple avenues of contribution to client needs and the research investment narrative.Developing a fluency in said research vertical and covered companies to effectively communicate and defend an investment thesis to institutional and hedge fund clients.Generation of unique investment insights through high-level industry contact development.The successful candidate for Junior Equity Analyst will play an integral role in supporting a research franchise of 15-25 companies in a given research vertical.

A successful Associate will continue to develop client-focused proprietary market research; evaluate global trends; participate in conference calls, analyst conferences, and industry seminars; speak with senior management of companies under coverage; write/convey research insights; and create/maintain financial models.The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university with a concentration in finance.


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