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I won’t go into too much detail about what an API is (you can read more about it here), instead I’ll show you how to use some of the Zopim API scripts to customize the chat widget.

If you head over to can see a full list of the various APIs that are available.

The average Zopim user may never have heard of the term “API” (an acronym for “Application Programming Interface”), nor would they be necessarily clamouring to use it.


However, every website is different and you might want to place the chat widget elsewhere on the page.The API script in this example will automatically fill in visitor information (with their name and email address) when they start a chat (provided they have already given you that information). Now let’s explore some API tricks you can try out right now.By default, the Zopim Chat Widget appears on the bottom right of the page.To reposition the chat widget, simply use the following API script: The numbers in bold determine the distance of the chat widget from the bottom-right edge of the browser window.


For example, you can modify the “set Name” and “set Email” fields to automatically pull information from your customer database and populate the visitor information in the chat box: Browse to your website’s HTML code and find the place where you inserted the code for the Zopim widget (learn how to embed the Zopim widget).

Paste your customized API script code anywhere after the Zopim widget code: Save the changes to the HTML code and hit “Publish page”.


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