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Playin' video games and stuff, healing your ass as a goblin priest in Wo W :3 I think its pretty obvious what at least one of my fantasies might involve. I do particularly like Phone sex but I won't pressure anyone into doing it.I'm happy to provide face pics if requested but I prefer ...Do you wonder if you are too taboo and kinky for the rest of the world? I have several kinks including assplay, ageplay, and incest. I am 5'8", blonde hair usually in a ponytail thus the name, slender, tight and smooth.




Yes, I have a cock but just want to be a sexy lil girl for her daddy. Imagination, literacy, creativity, detail - this is what I offer, and seek, myself.

No limits on the roleplay, we can do any taboo roles. Looking for roleplay with skilled and enthusiastic partners.


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