I was able to do so with Drytak ADSL Routersee if you can help me Thanks Hi Murtuza, To access the internal network from outside, you'll have to create the acces rules on your router.I have "Remote Administrator Sever V2.0"Please guide me...This shows how to setup port-forwarding on a Dray Tek router.Thanks Please let me know how to get remote desktop using this DYNDNS.1.Hi I just recently setup dyndns and my linksys router but when I update from my linksys it uses the internal network password 192.168.x.x.

(2) Enter the username you created when signing up for the account on Dyn website.(3) Enter the password you provided when signing up for the account on Dyn website.

The Linksys router will use these credentials to automatically login to the account.(4) Enter the domain name you configured in the Dynamic DNS section at Dyn I am able to set DDNS on Link Sys Router, but how to do NATing to my internal network ?

I have configure DDNS screen in my Linksys Router3. But I keep getting strange IP's when I scan using this method when I tack the port numbers ont he end of the url string.

If I try to use windows VPN dial-up from anywhere I am able to connect t just reach me to Router..

The default credentials for a Linksys router is Username = [blank] and Password = admin.

Your screen should now look like this By default (1) the DDNS Service will be "Disable".


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