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I did not know which domain it would be, but I knew the case. The Complainant’s representatives are evidently familiar with the UDRP and both the Complaint and Amended Complaint make extensive reference to previous UDRP decisions.

Márcio Mello Chaves, aka Chaves aka Márcio Marcio Chaves foi considerado culpado de nome de domínio Apropriação indébita e má-fé por um painel de pessoa unânime 3 da Organização Mundial da Propriedade Intelectual (OMPI) em Genebra, Tradução em português abaixo I wrote this on May 2nd and have hoped I would be able to publish it in this form. If they did this in the real world, they would likely stand trial on criminal charges. These folks are FRAUDS that tried a scheme that bent the spirit of the UDRP and it backfired on them in the short run and the long run.

I have to have 3 versions of this ready for when the decision comes down but I never was able to physically write the other 2. If you are reading THIS VERSION, we have reason to celebrate my friends as Marcio Mello Chaves, aka Marcio Chaves of br and br and brother Heitor have been labeled as REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKERS (RDNH)!! That won't happen but most of us will agree that what they did was criminal whether acknowledged by the law at this time or not. They have poisoned the well of negotiations and like they say in the old west, 'their money ain't no good around these parts.' I think folks are beginning to understand that these decisons can affect the entire future of people and the days of terrible decisions will be less and less from this point on.

Welcome to Save readers who are now coming to THIS blog post. This is a building block that will be used by me to protect other domains by creating case law.Bem-vindo aos leitores Save que agora estão chegando a este blog. I hope this case is used in other defenses and becomes a turning point in how folks approach this type situation.There is some definition that is now becoming visible. The Internet is about 'Character' and Reputation' and in this medium, they have destroyed both for themselves. Tomorrow we start using the 2 x 4 with nails (metaphorically speaking) by spreading and circulating this story far and wide.There will always be bad decisions, but there will be less of them and many will now go to Federal Court where standards are quite different and all eyes are watching. I want to congratulate and thank my partner Howard Neu and all the other lawyers in the space that sent emails and offered their support.

You can consider this post and the one to come as 'spiking' the football in the end zone. Thieves in the social sense that got caught red handed for all their CUSTOMERS to see. This was a huge victory and I can't put in words tonight what it really means.I don't need to throw an elbow, I just need to shed light on this practice and use these CLOWNS as the vehicle to do it. I only know what a loss would have meant and that would have been a very dark day for all.


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