Freinds reuntied dating

We were an item up until 1988 would love to get back in conatct Message Number: 20296 / Date Posted: 11/01/2012 PAGE, MICHAEL from UNKNOWN is being searched for by ANTONIA STRUDWICK from LITTLEHAMPTON I am looking for a man called MICHAEL PAGE..middle name i think JOHN.

who was born in 1966..maybe 1965.he is a SAGITTARIUS. When my mum Jacqui Toomey with him, he lived in Exeter and worked as a bar man in Tens nightclub in 1988(my mum thinks thats the name.)My mum left him without mentioning her pregnancy with me and I know its a long shock messaging on this but im 22 and for years i have wanted to let this man know i exist.

My mother knows that the couple who adopted her, were slightly older and that he was/is a university lecturer. I would dearly love to find her, for my mothers sake, but also for myself and my sister.Theres a part of us out there, that id love to know!


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    S., that have banished LGBT criminalization laws to the dustbin of history.” With this vote, the number of countries that criminalize LGBTQ people drops to 74.

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    Seeking passions and relationship online is common nowadays.

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    Body parts found in a Seattle recycling bin were likely those of a woman reported missing after going on a date to a baseball game with a man she met online, police said.

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