Friends reunited dating site


The site is constantly updating its features while working closely with their customers and their needs and has had a significant effect on their success rates.It was also credited in 20 for being the fastest growing dating website.The first thing I noticed was the colorful high definition pictures and colors on the initial page, it was a pretty simple design but in no way took away from the interest factor.A couple of well chosen bold colors are used to highlight each category again making the process as smooth as possible for the user.-Dating Reunited is a great site for those that remember how to use friends reunited as the layout, and basic feature set are very similar, the database is VAST and you are sure to find a suitable matsh with time.The site is ideal for those over 35’s who dont want all the gimmicks and tastles, but do want a familiar backdrop to online dating.

Some of the questions may seem quite random or unnecessary but actually it does help, not only for yourself to get to know a bit more about you and your needs but also for you to get an idea of the depth of other members personalities.Firstly there are a small section of basic questions to lead you through to the ‘about you’ section.All questions are easy to follow and mostly multiple choices so if you have used any dating sites before then imp sure you can fill them in with your eyes closed!Using the free service available you are regularly sent notifications to let you know when someone else has viewed your profile and who has sent you winks (a kind of icebreaker that you can send to interested parties) but if you do want to take the next step and send or reply to emails or chat using the online instant messenger, you will need to have a subscription.

During Datingreunited review we found the site easy to naivgate, and the general population of the site to ebe plesent although, we did feel that the majority if the other users were in the 38-52 age bracket, if this is you, and suites your wants then we would reccomend that you take a free trial to test the waters before you pay up….

Friends reunited dating site started in 2003 in response to customer feedback from their original friends reunited site.


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