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Armenia is a country in Eurasian country, I would say they are European girls living in an Asian or Middle Eastern Environment.

A former Soviet republic, gives them large Russian influence, but they have strong interaction with Turkey.

Where else can you find features like this but Hayastani , which is the orginal crossroad between Western Asia and Eastern Europe.Memorize this for an Armenian woman: Remember me my love Take in my scent and smell My love Press your lips on mine and taste My love Gaze into my eyes see My love Remember me My love .Many Armenians live in Turkey (Many bad Armenian girls live in Istanbul). Last, they could gain weight as I think for southern European women this is always a threat. There they are not spoiled by western culture and will see you as something special.The Armenians do not identity with Turkish or Russian culture and are very proud of their country because of the problems they had with there neighbors. I highly recommend them, because they have faith, they are into family, they have good values, they are dark and exotic, big lips and dark skin and beautiful. Once you are married the flight factor with an Armenia girl is low as they are traditional.

You could always travel to Armenian looking for girls this is what I think I would do.

Places to consider are: Lake Sevan Armenia, Yezidi, Yazidi, Yerevan. You could fly there with no hotel and find a flat when you get there.


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