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The image below pictures Charlotte sat in the greenhouse enjoying the strawberries she's just picked herself.I grew some alpine strawbs for the first time last summer and Charlotte picked and consumed a considerable portion of the bumper harvest I got ....As you know I offer free website templates and design resources from this site as well as featuring my photographs, travel experiences and family stuff.The templates and web resources will remain here at which will also have a redesign. For family and friends the new address is which is up and running now but still a work in progress.Everything else will be found at my new domain - which will also have a new design. Why not visit now and bookmark it in readiness for the changeover.


Can't believe it's been almost a year since I last updated this section (Tempus fugit)!Anyway I will be adding more photographs of Charlotte over the coming days - a full years' worth in fact!!!!!!The story unfolds when Clara’s inquisitive great granddaughter, Marie finds a journal in the attic and asks her grandfather all about her great grandmother’s adventures. In the coming weeks I shall be splitting this website into two separate sites.

The production was nominated for two Theatre Arts Guild Awards in 2009. Hoffman’s original tale of the King and Queen, their selfish daughter Princess Pearl, an inventive watchmaker named Drosselmeier and his helpful nephew Frederick unfolds.“We are proud that this community theatre allows aspiring dancers and actors and lifetime theatre hobbyists to come together not only giving back to those on-stage, but providing the community with the chance to come together to celebrate creativity and teamwork,” said Julian Adair, Artistic Director. Marie learns how the Rat King’s spell was cast and what must be done to break the dreaded curse. The excitement increases with a surprise ending, inspiring to all.


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