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Relocating again to San Francisco the following year, they released 1992's Bivouac through the Tupelo Recording Company and The Communion Label.

Schwarzenbach's charisma and personal, frustrated lyrics helped to establish him as a cult idol, even as he underwent surgery to remove painful and voice-threatening polyps from his throat.

[Produced by Mike Wi LL Made It] [Hook] I always wanted to stunt so hard I always wanted to ride that whip I always wanted to fuck that bitch Thank you, God, I fucked that bitch I always wanted to live this life I always wanted to wear that ice I always wanted paradise I always wanted paradise [Bridge 1] Look, now it don't take a lot to make you rich I'm addicted to a lot of crazy shit Man, I feel like money is the best drug Sometimes hate can be the best love [Verse 1] Walkin' in like I got cameras on me Niggas can't control me, ain't no handles on me Shit don't get out of hand, it get handled, homie Got a pretty young girl look like Janet on me She a pretty penny and she know I'm doing numbers Till we crash up the whole database I bring it home like I'm base to base to base Closet lookin' like Planet of the Bathing Apes What you think this life just landed on me?

Following the breakup, the members of Jawbreaker were active in other projects including Jets to Brazil and Whysall Lane.Pfahler continued to issue previously-recorded Jawbreaker material through his Blackball Records label, and public interest in the band continued due in part to nationally-charting pop punk and emo acts openly indebted to Jawbreaker's sound.



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