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Normally we don't cover in-browser gaming on The Stoned Gamer.

We don't really have a policy against it, but there hasn't been anything that commanded our immediate attention, until today.

The only tools required for Rhythm Doctor is your space bar and your desire to interact with a beat in the most minimal way imaginable.

With most music-centric games, the focus is on hitting as many notes as possible in varied positions with the highest accuracy.

The advantage of using these tubes is producing a Parallel Flow Condenser (PFC) which is less in weight, volume, noise and more resistance to galvanic corrosion.

Ii is highly environment friendly as it requires only less volume of refrigerant.

The more notes you hit with precision, the higher your score is.


It creeps into everyone's thoughts like bean juice slowly migrating to the rice on an enchilada platter. However if we're all going to die on a long enough time span (and there's been no evidence in human history that you won't), you might as well spend your precious moments doing something you enjoy.It's unavoidable -- in fact it's just an existential part of life. Of course it's always better to do something you enjoy stoned because, well -- weed.



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    According to Confucianism, a marriage is the beginning of ethics and a wedding ceremony is the essence of etiquettes, which has a substantial influence on social stability, and only those marriages with formal wedding ceremonies are recognized by society.

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    Cheryl’s new man is named JT Torregiani, and Burke isn’t the first lady in the public eye he has dated.

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    In a discovery that might not look out of place in the plot of a Dan Brown novel, a scholar has found secret handwritten notes hidden beneath false pages pasted into the oldest printed Bible in England.

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    In addition, it comes with a detailed administration and moderation system.

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    Wimmer 9780907720201 090772020X Fundraising: an Artist's Guide, S. Hampton 9780946180158 0946180156 Capitalist Development and Labour Organization - Hard-rock Miners in Ontario, Julian Laite 9780950295275 0950295272 North Norfolk Images, Trevor Heaton 9780946626632 0946626634 The Dedalus Book of Decadence, v.

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