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It was great to hear so many kind words from those of you who actually know what you are doing!In the spirit of paying it forward, I figured I would share some excerpts and nuggets of wisdom to anyone else who may be struggling with the idea of life after a sale. The content here tends to be on the taboo or nasty side. Often the questions are very personal or inappropriate. is like a public yearbook where you can write messages to other people. Using GPS and centred around school campuses, people create anonymous messages, confessionals or campus gossip backed by stock-image like pictures. You put yourself out there and then anonymous and random people fire questions at you.Randomly, you make announcements that some people listen to and that may prompt discussion amongst your friends.

This site has the highest known incidence of cyber bullying. The app was designed as a forum to compliment people and brighten their day. You open your house to everyone you are ‘friends’ with.You need to add ‘friends’ to your circle to comment on them. You let them in to view all the pictures that you have on display, rifle through your DVD collection and sift through your library.You say yes and then the company that makes the shirt hears the recording and notes that you are a fan.You can watch for people with recorders but sometimes you don’t notice.


You also need to make sure that no one else knows about your house party so be sure it is closed invitation only for friends. is like giving everyone you know a receiver for your GPS tracking device.

The site is designed to let your friends know which restaurants and places you frequent, but really it just turns you in to a human beacon so people know where you are at all times. is like a house party with party games and your guests sectioned off in rooms.


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