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He helps ensure that the love matches, brawls and walkouts seem spontaneous when they are actually the result of hours of preparation. They'll phone us and say "This has just happened," or "I'm not happy in my relationship," or "I'm going to split up with someone,"' explains Chelsea's producer Sarah Dillistone, who also launched . It feeds from what is going on in their lives and then we make it look like a drama. 'I think it was always there, what was between us, but would we have actually got together if we hadn't done the show? After meeting them, however, one thing became clear: everyone is playing themselves, only more so.

We're set dressing moments from their lives.' This idea of real life given a helping hand by TV cameras, producers and script writers is called structured reality. The shoot, in gritty Stoke Newington, took the cast out of their comfort zone (although Caggie was in New York and Francis was in bed - with pneumonia, if you must know); none of them had been to North East London before.

Hugo is the son of a QC and spends plenty of tan time at his dad's place in Dubai.

I'm like, "Don't shake darling, you should have seen me when I was cleaning up sick."' Millie reports the same thing - autograph hunters at Polo in the Park, being recognised on the King's Road It's like all over again. But they're all wary of taking part in a second series, unlike the cast of Essex, although with media careers beckoning they're not going to be absent from our screens. 'It doesn't have to be highbrow, it's entertaining. ' ES EVERYONE WORTH KNOWING IN CHELSEA Caggie Dunlop The 21-year-old went to The Harrodian (where Robert Pattinson was also a pupil) and Wellington College, is obsessed with old friend Spencer and wants to be a singer-songwriter.

If it's funny,it's good drama and people watch it, I think it's got a right to be on TV.' Critics have described look like Dostoevsky'. 'Yeah, yeah, but how many Baftas did Dostoevsky win? She backpacked around the world with best friend Millie Mackintosh who effectively lives in a spa, holidays in the French Riviera and hates carbs as much as she lovesher own childhood sweetheart Hugo Taylor, an old Harrovian and SW3 club promoter.

Do they tap their heads with a fork and see what note it makes? Spencer flirting with his childhood sweetheart Caggie, then dumping his girlfriend Funda; Francis pulling out a pineapple while having his portrait painte. As Caggie once said: 'In Chelsea the truth is more fabulous than fiction.' The truth/fiction dilemma presents the only moral quandary that has lasted longer than a single episode - is this reality TV? is suburban nightclubs, boxing rings, pool parties and beauty salons for acrylic nails and vajazzling; Chelsea is Raffles, 86, and Francis - descended from French knights - working as a diamond dealer. 'Traditional soaps are in viewers' front rooms five nights a week and the line between actor and character gets slightly blurred,' explains Kate Woodward, news editor at magazine. Viewers can find the stars on Twitter, they can talk to them through Facebook, stalk them at premieres and they don't have to worry about them being different people in real life.' 'I'm going out with Hugo now,' Millie tells me. They put us together when we wouldn't have spent time together.

('One day all this will become clear,' he told the artist); Hugo chasing Millie. In Essex they say 'shuutuup' and 'reem'; in Chelsea, it's 'totes maze' and 'awwwwesome'. Daran Little, story producer on Chelsea, worked on the first season of and Coronation Street. This was a revelation when we spoke but, thanks to episode six, is a widely-known fact today. We all watched the shows together and I saw him leading me on and leading Rosie on and it became a catalyst. Like, I've always been interested in fashion and now, because of the show I've got an internship on a fashion magazine.' At one point people weren't sure if Millie was real - summers at the family home in Menorca, friends on Cap d'Antibes, oxygen facials and ridiculous cheekbones.

When Ollie Locke first came to London he remembers stepping out of Sloane Square tube station, standing at the foot of the King's Road and thinking 'This is it. 'I went to a party full of old Etonians just round the corner with my girlfriend of the time, and it slightly freaked me out - I mean, old Etonians what are they on E4. 'I'm not sleeping with anyone other than my girlfriend. 'There's nothing more beautiful than a pretty girl in fur,' (Francis). I've been on Twitter for four weeks, I've got 22,000 followers and most of them are 15-year-old girls sending me love hearts.


Ollie, fresh from coming out as bisexual on national TV, swapped tips with the make-up artist.

Millie and Hugo were back from Cannes and flirting madly and pinching bottoms.


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