Garden lovers dating

It is expected that visitor numbers will easily surpass the 100,000 mark.

“When the weather’s like this, what other country would you want to be in,” said RTÉ presenter Marty Morrissey.

What is good for the festival, though, is not so good for the delicate plants in the show gardens.

Fiann Ó Nualláin, the designer of the 1916-themed garden, was out with the hose yesterday evening.

“Some of the show gardens with tender plants and those that are shade bearing are flopping a bit.” President Michael D Higgins once again made the shortest trip of his presidency to open the show.


Normally you will wait until 9pm or 10pm at night or you water them earlier in the morning.We really appreciated the welcome we received in Ireland.” In his speech Mr Higgins spoke of how the Goal garden “speaks evocatively of the responsibilities of our shared humanity, our human rights obligations and how such obligations must never be weakened by narrow and short-term self interest, xenophobia or even apathy.” Among the visitors today will be Taoiseach Enda Kenny and 125 Irish food buyers.


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