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Many single men seeking guys in Illinois waiting for you. I'm adopted by a Filipino family so I understand the Filipino culture very well.

Well traveld and educated I'm looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. My degree is in education, but I have worked in a variety of sec… I am looking for a man that has these quailties trust, honesty, reliability, romantic, commu…

Well I've been described as being quite a unique and handsome guy by those who should know better (lol), but I'm not going to argue. I believe I am a good listener, a good caring friend and a devoted lover when in a relationship. Hello, I'm a shy person but once you get to know me I'm very talkative. Not sure what else to say about myself but feel free to ask me questions if you or to get to know me :) I'm young and growing baby everyday. I will be visiting USA and i am going to visit many states and i will have a nice road trip as i am going to rent my own car, on next march, perhaps 25 march, and i will stay in USA for one month vacation Hello am 34 I weight 250 pounds and am 5'11.

I am a gentleman with much charisma, I am a very versatile self made person with a great sense of humor. I can promise you something very special In California now moving to Chicago in 3 months. I'm lovely, I'm a happy person seeking to find a partner with a happy heart because you can't make a person happy unless they want to be. Am clean drug free just looking to have fun with someone on a regular basis. My goal is too go back to school to get my associates in computer science.

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They often raided the clubs to show their muscle, arresting the patrons, publishing their names, and sometimes beating or raping them in custody.

LGBT Pride - Spring 2013- date to be announced Since Pride is usually celebrated in June when school is out of session, AU will be celebrating a little early.

History of Pride - The June 1969 "Stonewall Rebellion" against police--led by mostly young working class, youth of color, Puerto Rican and Black Drag Queens--at the Stonewell Bar on Christopher St.

I am a very outgoing and easy person to get along with. liking and loving myself allows me to do the same for other people. I feel like I'm not right where I want to be yet, so I keep working on getting ahead and being better. Hobbies include hanging with friends and family, relaxing at home.


Groups and Organizations on AU Campus - AU Pride Alliance (AUPA) - National Coming Out Day- October 11, 2012 The point of National Coming Out Day is to let people see who you are--people other students and faculty already like, know and respect who happen to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.For the first time ever, instead of passively accepting the police brutality, the patrons fought back.


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    It’s an app that let’s you upload a photo of yourself, look at the photos of other users, and rate them as Fun, Sexy, or Cool, hence the name.

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    Hello i hope u find my profile amusing alluring and most of all INVITING! I am a gent of 54 yrs but look younger by most accounts with a dimpled smile, blue eyes and a tanned n toned physique.

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