Gay intergenerational dating great dating tips

Yes, children are common in Philippine intergenerational relationships.

From this we can estimate that a 35 year age gap is not uncommon within Philippine intergenerational relationships.

He commented that the elderly husbands would have been playing cribbage at the senior’s center had they been in the US.

He said he was amazed to see these men, residing in Philippines with much younger wives, living large and in charge.

The average age of the female spouses was about 25 years.

An estimate of the average length of marriage (or live in partnership) was about 5 years.


If we check back with this same couple 6 years from now they will likely be celebrating their 10 It is hard to put a number on the average age gap, but this author attended a recent party in Philippines where the guests were primarily intergenerational couples.The average age of each male spouse was about 60 years.


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