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Hence why it's more important for us to talk about our feelings rather than bottling them up.

There is plenty of help and support out there, from people such as the Cork Samaritans, whom you can ring anytime for free on 116 123 "A young man has told how he twice tried to take his own life over fears of coming out as gay in the Travelling community - ' I don’t want more people dying, I don’t want more young people dying for being gay."“You don’t need to live your life in darkness—what’s the point in that?

Cork (Corcaigh) is the Republic of Ireland's second largest city, situated on the banks of the River Lee in the south of County Cork.

This was originally a port town built on canals and river channels, but those have long since been filled in.

"I believed that no one else in the village felt the same as me and made a pact with myself that I would get married to a man and just pretend to like him that way because I didn't want to be an outsider.""She said gay people were still vulnerable to being damaged by those who are mustering the forces of "last-stand resistance" to equality through laws that would push back the boundaries of their freedom.""Cork Rebels FC is a new community team set up in Cork aimed at the LGBT community. Events will include a weekly 5 aside football kickabout.

Getting here Cork Airport is about 3 miles south of Cork City.

It has daily flights from Dublin, London, Manchester, and many European cities.

Getting around Because County Cork has such an allure, you’ll want to rent a car to explore the scenic countryside.

But the divisions and cliques of larger cities are absent here, and ages and genders mix more freely in this more old-fashioned, less "out" community with it's underground, tucked-out-of-sight feel.

The Other Place had offered community resources and a comfortable cafe meeting area to relax since 1991.To travel anywhere in Ireland by bus or coach see the website of Bus Eireann Currency and Money Ireland’s currency is the euro. Media and resources Gay Cork has plenty of information about the local scene. Cork Gay Community Development (the former Cork Gay Project) is an umbrella group of local gay organizations.


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