Geektools clock not updating simdating powered by vbulletin

Being a geek, you have the urge to modify everything you own. You saw how your Linux friends can modify their desktop and display information with Conky and you are dying to have the same setting in Mac.

If that is the case, then Geek Tool is the one you are looking for.

Open Geek Tool and drag the shell icon to the desktop.

All you need is a script to get the information, then you can display it on your desktop.

Geek Tool will execute the script and display the output the way you want it.



Whether it is a remote webcam, a network graph stored on a monitoring server, or a folder full of holidays pictures, Geek Tool can put it on your desktop and refresh automatically, rotate through pictures, etc...

This is the little brother in the Geeklet family, but very powerfull.


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