Gemini and cancer dating


What we have here is a summit meeting of ploys and conniving.If this fascinating creature has caught your eye, Cancer, you will have to use your feminine wiles to attract and keep him. Curb all tendencies to wait by the phone or to complain that he didn’t call you back fast enough. The best thing you have going for you is your zany sense of humor and the natural skills that go along with being a Cancer: cooking, nurturing, and home-making.Even a Gemini spins out from time-to-time and needs a cushy pad or lap in which to crash.Degree of Romance: Cancer, be prepared to be swept off your feet.She may equate security with your constant companionship or a promise to buy her a home in the future.She may equate it with how much money you make, or that you stay in constant touch with her via text.

Fox and Tracy Pollen, Marky Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durhaam After the initial attraction, because he is so masculine and she is so feminine, they’re pretty much destined to drive each other crazy.If he wants you, there is no one more romantic than a Gemini man. But let me warn you if this is your first encounter with the Gemini species that you will probably hear the most beautiful words you’ve ever heard spoken and it will be hard to resist believing them. Degree of Passion: If Gemini wants something and that something requires passion, he will produce it. Beware of Siegfried’s — now you see him, now you don’t.


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