Gemma ward dating

And can we really say we're in the dating apocalypse if everyone (else) is still swiping like there's no tomorrow? As a person so un-talented at sitting for photos that the resultant images can range from blobfish snapped mid-sneeze to very, very distant relative of Gemma Ward, I cannot stand idly by as my simultaneously cruel and Pollyanna-ish friends dismiss potential matches because "Why does he look fine in some pictures but not in others?Debatable, but at least one corner of hell must have frozen over if I'm here as I am now, about to take a stand for all the un-photogenic people out there whose wills to find companionship digitally haven't yet crumpled like so many Egg Mc Muffin wrappers. " First, there are way better reasons to dismiss potential matches: no bio, selfies only, bad shoes, shares name with grade-school archenemy, threatens "don't be basic." Second, if you want to get a sense of a person's true appearance, simply look at their tagged photos—this is what model scouts do.And there's no way Ward could've appreciated the attention that was paid to her weight.

Several weeks ago, Frockwriter reported that Gemma Ward signed with IMG Australia, the modeling agency's Sydney branch, which opened last year.

Ward, who was discovered in Perth at 14 years old, has appeared on more than twenty , "I've taken a break from the media spotlight for the last few years and it was something spurred by Heath [Ledger]'s death," whom she was dating before he passed away.


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