Gerald anderson dating a non showbiz

Since then, Billy was linked to his Momzillas co-star Andi Eigenmann and Showtime co-host Coleen Garcia, who is now the actor’s current girlfriend.

Albeit being linked during the heat of the breakup, Coleen denied having a role to play in it.

These breakups are hugot worthy as it was confirmed or speculated to have been caused by another person.1.

Sunshine Dizon and Timothy Tan Sunshine proved to be a real life Pirena, refusing to back down in this chapter of her life.

- As shocking as a breakup may sound, it is even more shocking when caused by an “outsider” or a “third-party” - Several relationships in the showbiz industry were victim to this – married or not - Others even try to settle everything in court Nobody could deny the butterflies and giddiness of entering a relationship could bring into your life. Not until you experience the cold hard slap of reality once everything had started going downhill.

These celebrities know it all too well, but with fans and the media added to the mix – it just became even more complicated as it is.


Gayunman, inihayag ni Kim na hindi naman problema sa kanya kung magkasama sila muli ni Gerald sa isang TV o movie project pa.Si Kim ay abalang-abala sa iba’t ibang project sa Kapamilya network kabilang ang hosting job.Itinanggi ni Kim Chiu na magtatambal muli sila sa pelikula at telebisyon ng dating karelasyong si Gerald Anderson.Sinabi ni Kim na hindi niya batid kung saan nagmula ang nasabing report.

The actress posted a photo of her husband’s alleged mistress, named as Clarissa Sison, on Instagram who only lived 3 floors above where their family stay.

It was hinted that Sison and Tan had recently gone on a trip to the US, and that she has a husband as well. I will see you both in court.”The ex-couple was dating for 5 years and everyone assumed that they were well on their way to their happily ever after until they surprised fans and media alike when they broke up.


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    And like so many other things that I was so certain about, I changed my mind. To my ancient mind, the term dating conjures up images of unsupervised alone time. I know that many people think this is a horrible reason to allow your kids to do anything. The key is finding the way to say it so they will listen.

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    The feelings are there and they are very strong, and it will cause more harm, eventually, than good by stuffing them or hiding them.

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    The series, which was created by Talpa and is distributed by John de Mol’s company, was previously on Sky Living in the UK, will be on the ITV2 channel.

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    He was soon cast as Richie on the hit series Family Matters, where he appeared in most of the show's nine-year run.

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    In addition, while many nanomaterials used in electrochemical energy storage devices have been synthesized by various methods, a precisely size-controlled synthesis and a systematic study of size-dependent electrochemical performance for the electrode materials are rarely performed due to the difficulty in controlling the size, particularly when nm.

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