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im only doingg this untill my kids are all in full time school by then hopefully there will be more jobs out there and i wont have to pay for hchild care.i saw an article in the sun newspaper regaurding this type f work and since the ressetion more and more women (mothers) are resorting to stripping of some sort to make extra cash as the ressestion has hit familys hard. the people who you talk with donnt know where live orr know your name Ive seen that advertisement myself in magazines and have thought a few times about givin them a ring.i did look into working but there was no jobs about and plus chil care was and still is expensive so i had to look into ssomething else. so i get paid weekly or with some every 14 days just to talk to guys about sex how easy lol... then i saw another add in the same magazine but different company but this is for web cams....i was reading my magazine ( you knoe like heat or ok carnt remeber which 1 exactly was a few years backnow) but in the back near the psychic section there is job opertunites, working from home work when you want you choose your own hours.... more money work from home except i work evenings as the kids will be in bed i get paid weekly and doing no harm i am in the safety of my own home and i dont have to pay for child care.In fact, I've considered doing a similar job myself in the past when money has been tight.Perhaps the purest distillation of voyeurism into a business model is the pay cam site.


im not ashamed of what i do im proud to say at least im doing something to help put food in my cubbards. I dont think there is anything wrong with it at all, as you say your at home, kids in bed so why not??A mothers gotta do what a mothers gotta do to provide for thei children and you are not harming any1 xx If you are happy to do this type of job then I don't see it being a problem at all.


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