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「愚者のエンドロール」 (Gusya no Endo Rooru) “End Credits of The Fool” While I may have been partially right about Fuyumi using Houtaro for her own personal gain, I didn’t expect the ending that this week’s episode had in store for us.

Besides being a little different in terms of the approach, I was shocked throughout most of the episode from just how much crap Houtaro was taking for his amazing solution.

But the most surprising had to have been Chitanda’s reaction to the whole situation.

Who would have even fathomed she was interested in Hongou’s character and not the characters she was trying to create?

However, it did make for some really, really interesting scenes where he was acting completely out of character.

Be it from the embarrassment from letting his own wants blind him or the rage he felt from being manipulated, I was loving every moment of it — the best part being when he solved the true mystery and confronted Fuyumi about her treacherous behavior.


For Houtaro, it was quite the shock to watch him get tripped up.In hindsight, it’s probably not fair for everyone to be giving him all the flack they did since he was intentionally setup by Fuyumi.Because ever since Chitanda’s introduction, I’ve never seen her as more than an airheaded person who gets pulled around by her curiosity.But as I listened to her express what she truly wished to learn, I was swayed with just how caring and thoughtful Chitanda really is.


Especially when both Satoshi and Mayaka let some of their emotions slip out.Since how often do we see the former with an angry face toward Houtaro and the latter actually trying to sympathize with him?


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