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I also had a bunch of pre-written sentences that I could get inspiration from. I caught up with Hugo to find out what it’s like to be a 21-year-old boy pretending to be a filthy girl. Hugo: I was supposed to study at a restaurant school in Denmark, but I went to Berlin in the summer before my studies, and decided to ditch the school and everything else and move to Berlin.I was obviously totally broke, so I needed to find a job – anything – so I did. I would go on Craigslist every day, so at some point I found an ad looking for a chat administrator.

He said: “I used to be a criminal, but now I want to move away from that and find a girl who I can be honest with, and build something beautiful with her.” Then on the other side of the phone was this 21-year-old guy, pretending to be a woman, writing “of course, we should build something beautiful together.” I thought this was pretty shitty on my part. There were plenty of lonely people on those chats, which is really depressing. When you are a young man you kind of have this inside of you already.

Did you never think of exposing what it was you were doing? I wasn’t allowed to tell customers anything about that. If you’ve been watching a little bit of porn, I’d say you know how it works. Everybody should try sex-chatting at some point in their lives!


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