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Autumn mornings are fun and pleasant, as are the factors of bending down, colorful leaves, and the rewarding feeling of increasing your wealth by a hundred dollars.How would all these factors change if you were desperate for money, or financially independent with more money than you could possibly spend?These are the silly questions I spring upon myself when making decisions about money these days, and they come up in the context of credit card hacking (also known as travel hacking or credit card churning) as well.What do Credit Cards have to do with Hundred Dollar Bills in Autumn Leaves?

With moderate effort, some of these people collect over ,000 in annual profits from the activity, for what seems like about a week of total work distributed throughout the year.For those interested in going further, I figured we could meet a few of them and learn their tricks.Until a few years ago, I thought credit cards were just a slightly irrational but necessary byproduct of our modern financial system.Retailers accept them universally without extra charge. We all get nicely summarized tracking of our spending and a small percentage of cash back each month.


It’s a beautiful October morning, and you are taking a stroll along the sidewalk in your neighborhood. Then you get the reward of telling the story to others, and maybe even a second reward of doing something unusually generous with the found money.

Mixed in with the red and orange autumn leaves at your feet, you notice a hundred dollar bill. But what if the bill was buried in some mud with just a corner poking out? How much would you reduce your effort if it were only a , , or .00 bill?


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    It happens to be quite impressive because he’s not afraid of putting himself out there and living his life on his terms.

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