Good dating profile starters

If you’ve already read my previous article about then you know how to write a killer “About Me” section on Match, which is virtually the same as Ok Cupid’s “My Self Summary” section.The biggest difference here is you’ll want to save describing your ideal date until the end, in Ok Cupid’s “You should message me if…” section.You also want your Ok Cupid profile to touch upon your playful and creative side, since there the site tends to attract more of the younger, artsy types.

Let’s walk you through it section by section, so you can start off with a bang.The first things people usually notice about me – This little section is a great place to showcase one of your strong traits that might not be highlighted in your “My Self Summary” or in your photos.Something like this could work: The contrast I this example is great too, as it creates a dynamic picture of who you might be. if you’ve got innocent eyes, you’ll want to stay congruent with your photos.In that case, maybe try something like this: It might be a bit cheesy, but you get the idea. You don’t have to fill every single one out, and this one is probably the toughest. Ok Cupid doesn’t require this section to be completed in bullet list format, so you can write everything out in a series of creative sentences.


For example, if you like food and coffee, try getting into some luscious detail with it: Notice how I focused on smells and sounds in my example?

Tantalize the senses and get her to feel something.


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