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As you can see from this ad, they were super proud of that fact, and this blonde boy was particularly stoked. This slogan might seem laughable now, but remember: the '60s were a much simpler time, when you could conceivably propose Mc Donald's as a date night and not get the stink eye.

, right behind Nike's "Just do it" and that smug old Marlboro Man.

Check out the roster below, and try your best not to get creeped out by their '80s moonman.

Mid 1980s: Mac Tonight What better way to encourage people to grab Big Macs after hours than with a singing moon-person, right?This creepy lounge singer took the same name as the slogan, and appeared in a slew of ads throughout the '80s.This fast food foray into the rap game first appeared in 1974, giving our cynical post-Watergate nation something to get excited about.It's been remixed plenty of times since then, and repeatedly confused with the Village People classic "Big Mac".

It was a slogan that would be trotted out periodically over the years, but none of the later versions boasted the sheer awesomeness of this lady's afro.

Early to Mid 1970s: Get Down with Something Good The slogan makes you think you should be chomping quarter pounders while doing spins on the disco floor, but the ad proves you can just as easily have a nice lunchtime moment with your kid. Mid 1970s: Two All-Beef Patties Or, if we're going by its Christian name: Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.


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    Thanks to Ruth Marcus, Linda Hugle, Jennifer Mohr Morse, Nancy Holden, Jessica Schein, Ze'ev Sharon and many others.

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    You may be familiar with it already if you’ve used any of their other successful line of Cupid sites.

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    Choose a screen name and enter the lobby or one of our niche rooms.

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    Not only do I get to help others and make a difference in peoples lives, but I get to unleash my silly side and share my passion with the world each and every day. This is a dramatic and drastic improvement over the original example.

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    Sail up a thrilling route over 140 feet in the air and feel the whip of the wind as you rappel back to bouldering range.

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    Then starts actual exploitation of the children by offering them some money or falsely promising them good opportunities in life.

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