Goth teen dating

New Years Eve, she dressed up as a vampire and we did a little roleplay.

"Normal" girls don't seem to be into that sort of thing -- that whole, dark, demented, "i-want-to-fuck-you-to-death" kinda feeling.

Now, girls like her is similar to the 4+ girls I've dated the last 6 years, and the 30+ girls I've slept with (though shes the only one who is wealthy).

I'm only attracted to these kinds of women for some reason; I never got rid of this habit I first acquired back in high school.

While most "goth girls" are ugly, or overweight (morbidly too, no pun intended), I find many of the slim ones are damn sexy.

Especially on the days they dye their jet black hair, to blood red.

She wears mascara and eye shadow frequently and when we're out, always wears a lot of black.Hi guys, long time poster here, and even longer time lurker (was gone for a bit of hiatus). If you think it is, please refrain from replying because I need a genuine opinion here. I'm posting under anonymity for obvious reasons as colleagues/clients know me and I don't want this stuff on the net.Here's the story (and rationale): I'm a 25yro who is apparently still stuck in my old high school days of punk rock and wearing lots and lots of black.On date nights, though, she sports an expensive black leather jacket..(Google search "Kate Beckinsale underworld movie" to see the wardrobe she attempts to imitate with that).


I don't buy shit for her; She apparently has a big-law partner for a father (who was never there in her life) that paid for all expenses.For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, go to Google images when you're not at work and search for "redhead goth girl"Now, THE ISSUE: I feel like I am getting too old and white collar to still be into this kinda thing, but I really can't help it.


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