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Whenever they approach you, it is totally up to you whether that affection for the product you sell is sustained or does it simply go “puff”, and it’s gone!There are things about customer service that most of the businesses already know: support agents should be helpful, polite, show appreciation, respect and value the customers.This ebook, will teach you how to approach phone, live chat, help desk and social customer service.The question is: why doesn’t it always look like that?To set up a customer service department you need to be an expert on inter-personal relations, you have to know the most popular customer service channels and how to manage them.To help you with the task of creating a full-blown customer service department, we’ve prepared a guide on the most important aspects of customer support.Why are the customers put on hold, even though over 50% of them hang up and 34% never call again?Why support agents don’t care about customer’s needs, even though 3 out of 5 customers take their business to the competitors after poor customer service experience?



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