Grails not updating database

In one of my Grails consulting projects we tried to define database indices via the static mapping element in the domain classes.


In my opinion this had to be a bug in hibernate but some searches on the website brought up a statement about this in the official FAQ: Schema Update is activated by this configuration setting.In Grails applications you could be forgiven for ignoring these, because in general the GORM Hibernate examples and documentation err on the side of simplicity rather than completeness.In addition you may think that this does not affect you, but in all likelihood this is because you either have an application with no real “edit/update” functionality, or you have an insignificant number or users, and/or you have just been lucky so far.The concurrent DB access problem is pretty obvious.


The problems really come because of the asynchronous nature of web applications, multiple concurrent users, the limitations of web UIs and multiple access methods such as REST APIs alongside the web UI.

One good example is a web form submission or ajax interaction that is not “de-bounced” – i.e.


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