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Here's the low down.only thing that separates GE from any other online dating service is that they will run a criminal background check. My recommendation is this..yourself 00-00, get online on the other sites (we all know what those are) and if you find a match that you think you may want to get to know better, spend bucks for your own background check and peace of mind. I cannot stress enough how sorry I am to have ever walked in those doors and met with these very greedy, heartless individuals at the Edina MN location. If you see any good reviews its probably because they paid someone off!I feel I don't need to really pick on Edina, MN because as I read thru the complaints on this site, the pattern is the same with this company all across the US! I feel scammed too and very embarrassed about spending money on this organization. "It's Just Lunch" is a much bigger scam dating service.I find that I am far from being alone as I read the very bad reviews posted about this "premier" dating service.So many of the posts reiterate the very same frustrations and quite frankly, the bullying I have had to endure since I had the audacity to request a cancellation of my membership..close attention...before close of the 3rd business day following the date that my membership became active.Had I been able to, I wouldve seen much sooner that 60-70% of the members that fit my age group..are "inactive". Had this information been provided to me at the time of "sale", I would have walked the other direction and in a hurry. It costs alot to join and depending on who you talk to, the price ranges anywhere from 0 to 00/year!GE contends that since I signed the contract on 6/29/11, I was considered "active" on this date...though I had NO means to access their online site. In addition to that, I was specifically told that my profile would not be activated until AFTER the photo session and this could not be done any sooner than 7/9/11 due to their schedule..were too booked up to fit me in any sooner! I have learned that since there seems to be an overload of women at times, they need men and are more than willing to bring the price way down for men.× You are about to contact Pissed Review submitted through "Contact Us" will not get published on the site or forwarded to Great Expectations.However, many companies do monitor reviews on our site.

You will be asked to pay much much more for your membership.

We even have friends that have girlfriends or boyfriends they’ve met that way. Think for a moment about the girlfriends you’ve had in your life. Right after I got divorced, I joined a popular online dating site, met a girl I thought was hot, we talked on the phone and agreed to meet. I was sure everyone felt the same and when I started coaching, my clients all confirmed it. So, the first thing I teach all my clients is to learn to manage their expectations online. We had a drink, chatted for about 45 minutes and went our separate ways.


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