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These groups can then collectively match with other groups, the idea being that users can use Tinder to double-date, triple-date or more.A nice idea, but the finer workings of the feature are causing concern, namely the fact that Tinder Social makes all users of the app visible to their Facebook friends.As an opt-out system, this makes users instantly discoverable to their peers without their consent.This is all grand if you're a proud Tinder user, but not so great for users who may be using the app to discretely conduct infidelities whilst already in a relationship.We’ve got the hookup on all varieties of restaurants, clubs, shows and activities. Build friendships and your professional network, and maybe even update your relationship status along the way.t seems that Tinder is getting all Ashley Madison on its users.

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Although Tinder have now added a "Discovery" toggle, concerns have been expressed by those who would prefer to keep their swiping under wraps."Any user who would prefer not to be added to groups can opt out of Tinder Social through his/her settings to no longer appear on their friends' lists," Tinder commented in a statement on their website.

No, it's not a data leak, but rather Tinder's new group dating feature, Tinder Social.A feature being piloted in Australia, Tinder Social allows users of the To-Swipe-Or-Not-To-Swipe dating app to form groups with other users who are also Facebook friends.


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