Guys texting and dating rules Chat with girls no credit card no upgrade

She texted me back when she had a chance and the world continued to spin on its axis. In my case, and most guys I know, I figured she was busy with her family because she told me she was on her way to see them. In Mel’s case and maybe some girls you know, she would have begun to pound her head against the wall. Just the other day a girl gave me her number and I texted once just to say that it was me and there was no response for about an hour.


The reason guys take a while to text back is because….we’re busy or whatever you said doesn’t warrant a response.

First of all, it was four hours after the first set of texts (I guess that’s bad). It was going to be an afternoon chill sesh in the sun, and now it’s drinks? Those typing bubbles are our best friend, aren’t they? we need to drive this point home because I have gotten in trouble with even my female friends for not texting quick enough.


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