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Niall: How did you get them to reveal so much of themselves on camera? There was no changing the circumstances to create anything that would be good for the camera. Honestly, you turn the camera on them and you’re going to have a very interesting movie Carlo: We spent a lot of time off screen just getting to know them. But it took at least a year for them to get comfortable with the camera. Nick was doing sound, Chris was on the camera, and I had two LED lights in my hands.

Nick: To be honest I don’t think any of us had a clear idea of what we were embarking on. Niall: The core scene in the film is an argument they have in a Czech cafe.

is that it won’t happen twice,’ the film’s producer David Collins is reportedly fond of saying.


Filmed during the couple’s world tour from 2007–2009 the film also features footage form their concerts.

Carlo: I was teaching film class at the New York Film Academy and Glen was one of my students.

One day he was telling me about this strange odyssey that he and Markéta were about to embark on.

Did you know at that time that you were capturing their break-up?


Certainly, lesser filmmakers would have missed the magic but credit is also due to Hansard and Irglová who bare all (in one skinny dipping scene – quite literally) and allowed the camera to capture some of their most intimate moments.

Hansard’s parents also had a part in the film giving it a charm and intimacy rarely seen in a music documentary.



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