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Steelton police have arrested a woman they claim conspired with two other people to lure a man she met on a dating site into an ambush robbery. 9 incident in the 700 block of Pine Street, police said Friday.

They said the victim told them he met the 44-year-old Kiger through the online dating a few weeks earlier.

Police said the man escaped when his assailants stopped at a convenience store and told him to withdraw money from his bank account.

The Kigers and Brandao have been charged with robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy, simple assault and witness intimidation, police said.

It’s the ultimate quiz – one where you can skip questions you don’t like, swipe left, swipe right and present the best possible version of yourself – all from the safety of your screen, attempting to win the ultimate prize: affection, love, intimacy and (maybe) a little bit of action. When my friend found out she had celiac disease, her doctor gave her a brochure for Gluten Free Singles. A lot of us never really got the social skills or confidence to go out to a bar or ask someone out.Erin Dorney: Tell us about your experience meeting people online. I was on so long that they asked me to be a moderator! I passed on dinner and declined a ride, but he followed me to the bus stop, explaining his (intolerant) views on gay marriage. S: Three things are happening at bars: You’re going there to finagle a spontaneous one-night hook-up; you’re there for a pre-planned meet-up; or you’re part of a mixer under the pretense of a shared topic, you drink “specially priced” martinis and you awkwardly mingle, then flee home, telling yourself, “Well, I tried! ED: My last question: What do you think the future holds for online dating? People think they know what they are looking for, so they are going to these more specific dating apps. There’s an instant satisfaction to it – you can “meet” someone while lying alone on the couch. ED: Tell us about the worst date you’ve ever been on. Dinner was great – no weird awkward pauses or anything. Sometimes you learn so much about a person before you meet that it’s awkward in person." and Talisha Brandao, 38, and John Kiger, 45, rushed from the basement armed with a baseball bat, police said.The three stole several items from the man, then forced him into a vehicle, telling him they were going to drive him to his workplace to open a safe, investigators said.

If you’re single, odds are high that you’ve dipped your toes into the pool of online dating.Tinder, Grindr, How About We, Scissr, OKCupid, POF, Match – the sites sit there, taunting you, waiting for that one late night when (a little boozy) you decide to reactivate your account. The profile questions are a little like those My Space surveys your friends used to tag you in – a Myers-Briggs test to make you seem fun and datable.



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