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You know how Leonardo Di Caprio is pretty much the most famous actor alive? Keira was given the role Queen Amidala's decoy, Sabe, in Episode I: The Phantom Menace thanks to their eerily similar looks — but because she was so heavily made up, no one even remembers she was in the film! So for Star Wars Day, we figured we'd round up some famous faces — and voices — who We can't even begin to imagine this!The cute couple share a kiss in a new selfie Rachel posted to her Instagram on Thursday.[ Related: Rachel Acknowledges Briar Rose's Existence With THIS Pic ] And judging by her use of the arrow-stricken heart emoji as a caption, it's safe to say the 33-year-old is smitten. While the picture is perfect, the one thing that could have made this shot better would have been the addition of baby Briar Rose!The parents have yet to share a pic of their eight-month-old daughter!

But if he does decide to rear his head, we know what Anakin is supposed to look like!According to a new book titled Why are dads so adorable?



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