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"Drivers need a way to be able to find the organisations that can be trusted - and the HAT Standard does exactly that.Each HAT Standard winner has been voted for by real motorists who have enjoyed first-hand experience of excellent customer service." The HAT Standard winners in 2010 are: Ling Valentine of Lings Cars topped the recommendations by generating 131 votes.


My thanks go to RMS PR who offer me incredible support to assist me in promoting my business.They are fantastic, they even get me in press in China! I recommend them 200% Honest John has announced the companies awarded a prestigious Highly Approved Trader (HAT) Standard for 2010."Motorists are under pressure from so many fronts, so it's more important than ever that they can find service providers they can rely on to give them the best deals, decent service and, most importantly, are trustworthy." In a change from 2009's HAT Standard Awards, in which Honest John himself picked the recipients, this year motorists were asked to vote for their favourite service providers and the nominees encompassed all areas of the motor trade, from auctions to car supermarkets."The HAT Standard this year truly showcases the businesses that support motorists with great service" concludes Honest John.

Honest John says: "Motorpoint's directors, David Shelton and Gary Warren, and I used to stand together on the auction floor nearly 20 years ago.

They have taken that experience and incorporated it into Motorpoint's no-nonsense approach - buy stock as cheaply as possible, take a small profit and pass the rest on in big savings to the customer.



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