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The motorist will find in touring to places of interest in the county that road communications are good.For the rambler there are many pretty, fragrant, shady lanes, far-famed commons, coppices and woods, and several small and winding streams.Royal prisoners have been incarcerated within the county; Hatfield was a royal residence; St.

Not by any means one of the largest counties, yet it has attraction all its own for the prospective resident or holiday-maker, the antiquarian or the book-lover, the naturalist or the sportsman, the tired townsman seeking rural calm and beauty or the industrialist looking for suitable factory sites.

All these and other demands can be met in Hertfordshire, with its population of 400,000, its 20 miles proximity to London, its 37 miles breadth and 21 depth.

For the golfer, bowler or angler there are admirable facilities as well as for those who prefer to watch rather than participate in such games as football or cricket.

Modes of transport have changed since John Gilpin made his famous ride from Edmonton to Ware, immortalised by Cowper, a Hertfordshire-born poet, or since Charles Lamb and his sister made "an excursion into Hertfordshire to beat up the quarters of some relation in that fine corn country," but visitors by road or rail or even by air may rely on the same warmth of welcome in "hearty, homely, loving Hertfordshire."Watford is the largest of the four Hertfordshire Boroughs, has the greatest density of population, rateable value double that of any other, is well governed and attractive with up-to-date public buildings and shopping centres and amenities, with excellent railway, road and transport services.

Letchworth and Welwyn are successful pioneer experiments of Garden Cities; yet several of the delightful smaller towns retain the picturesque and the historic of earlier Hertfordshire.

New Towns are projected at Stevenage, Hemel Hempstead, Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield, and development proceeds apace on the Metropolitan border where the London County Council hope to rehouse some of their population from the blitzed areas.



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