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Since Piper was only focused on freezing the innocents, Cole was just pretending to be frozen in order to pass off being one.

Remember, at this point, they do not know Cole is a demon.

Why does Leo have powers in this episode that we never see him use again? The refilling the water could be explained by his normal white-lighter powers.

I think it's probably because the writers changed their minds about what exactly would constitute white-lighter powers. Leo as far as I remember doesn't levitate again, neither does Paige or Chris.

In Season 8, when she realizes she loves Henry, she unlocks the trigger to Healing (as explained by Leo at the end of season 1), and is able to heal others like a regular Whitelighter from then on.

Answer: When the cleaners first surface in season 6 it is mentioned that usually the girls have been able to clean up their own messes (as seen in season 3 episode 22 when Phoebe turns back time thus concluding in the death of Prue).

In the first few seasons, the Charmed Ones can retrieve a spell from the Book Of Shadows by just hovering their hands over the book & the book will turn to the correct page.

However, in later seasons they have to turn pages manually. Answer: Because during this scene, Piper was only freezing the Innocents in order to draw out who the demons were.

Later in Charmed they bring the so called "cleaners" in episode 6-2 when Wyatt conjures a dragon and magic is exposed.Why didn't the cleaners appear earlier in this episode when Piper and Prue exposed magic?



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