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We liked Circl.es' utter simplicity: after only a few clicks, we were on. It's fun, free, and yes, it does have privacy controls.We didn't like the low availability of matches, but we assume this will go away if Circl.es' membership base grows. In our only (so far) dating site review that seemed to generate both "I love it" AND "I hate it" responses, we felt it was only fair to present both sides of the e Harmony scale. Is this just another case of "run the other way..fast"?Actually, founder Justin Krause fully admits, right there on the site, that Facebook can be "creepy," thus defusing the whole issue.



For this reason, prepared to be very patient, as the matching process takes a while. How it works is you make some degree of initial contact online.Instead of forcing users to spend a lot of time writing dating profiles, How About We tries to dispense with most of that and connect you with dates quickly. JDate, the online dating service designed for Jews, have been around since 1997--that's eons in Internet time. has a robust interface for paying members, not-so-robust for "free" members (you can't message anybody).What we don't like: the option to upload your few required factoids directly from your Facebook. Single month membership is quite expensive (.79), though drops to about /month if you sign up for a six-month plan.e Harmony was founded by Christian theologian and well-known author/psychologist, Dr. The cost, which is substantially more than most dating sites out there, poor member matching, the inability to see pics from the beginning, the feedback we've been reading about poor customer service and cancellation issues, and tons of complaints about inactive member or subscriber profiles (who signed up for a trial, realized they couldn't communicate fully, and abandoned ship, thus causing poor response to contact). Then the site hustles you off-line and into the real world as quickly as possible.

Neil Clark Warren, and there are remnants of this traditional (to our minds) philosophy embedded in the site. Pulling from your Facebook information, Grouper assembles three guys and three girls, you included as one of them, and sends you off to a cool location for libations.

For one, OKC gives the user freedom to write what they wish (within boundaries, though).



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    On this page, you can fill out the form to search singles in your area or in other city/state/country.

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    We understand that you want to find a group of friends, love, relationships, or the kind of people you would like to know, for that reason, we are willing to give our best to make the time you spent on our site enjoyable and successful.

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