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I was on my stomach, with my shirt off, when I suddenly felt something wet on my back. I smelled real, real fresh afterwards.” -- Bianca M. “In college, I had a hook-up with a friend of a friend visiting from out of town.Then I heard the sound of a spray bottle being used. (He had never seen it before and thought it was spray lotion? When he left, he left me this really cheesy 'love' note. “I had known this guy for a while and we were just friends, until one night we just decided to go for it. More from : Most Painfully Awkward Movie Sex Scenes of All Time 4.I was angry at him for acting awkward and everyone was talking about us so much (thanks to one loud-mouth friend of mine! I was laughing about how awkward it was when I realized he left quickly because he was embarrassed since he, well, finished so fast!) that we avoided each other for the remainder of high school! I'm divorced and a mom and back in my hometown camping with old friends, and there he is!! All these years I hated him for acting so weird and leaving and now I realized he hated me for avoiding him and telling the whole world he was a 'fast guy.' We laughed so much we fell in love and now are married with four kids.Cringe with me as 13 brave women spill the beans about their most awkward or memorable one-night stand. “I went on a date with a guy when I was living overseas and we ended up back in my apartment.


This article is about that second kind of sex, in all its funny (in hindsight) glory.As he squirmed uncomfortably, I demanded that he promise to never, ever leave me and that he’d never cheat.



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