Hot girl on dating show updating drm components

The first show is in Los Angeles and then it's off to the rest of the country.

The women will be whisked away to a private jet waiting nearby and set off on an insane adventure."Over the next 9 episodes, The Game and the girls will travel in style from Las Vegas to Miami and everything in between via private jet, tour bus, boat, and of course, luxury cars.

Each of these celebs (men and women), will put forward who they believe to be his perfect girl.

Whether it is a beauty from the Bronx or a corn-fed farmer's daughter in Kansas, the celebrities are free to choose any woman they think will win The Game's heart.

In each city they'll get to know The Game better by going on extraordinary dates, seeing the city, and making connections with him.


In every city, the party ends for one of the girls who is sent packing.

In the end, only one woman will be able to say She's Got Game."Sounds incredible.


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