How europe is accommodating muslims

Yet the official French position, including that of the president and prime minister, on Lahouaiej Bouhlel's motive was exactly the same as for every act of violence recently perpetrated by Muslims: it was an act of "radical Islam." As a result, there were more threats of resolute military action against the culprits, more security measures, more surveillance and more public demonization of Muslims."Security," "terrorism" and "counter-terrorism" experts, thriving in the hot market of ideas on how to tackle "Islamic radicalism," poured out from every nook and cranny, their bread and butter secure in the continuous Muslim mayhem, to write and talk of Quranic verses that encourage violence, of the mental make-up of the so-called "jihadis" and "Islamic radicals." The self-proclaimed Islamic State, as it often does, issued a statement claiming it was behind the Nice carnage, although the claim was belated and the group seemed caught off guard.Europe has been struck so regularly by violence claimed to be associated with Islam, and yet it has not budged an inch in the enquiry as to the motives of the perpetrators.It is as if the continent has lulled itself into believing it knows both the disease and the cure and refuses to change the doctor or the prescription even though both have repeatedly failed.On the contrary, with each bout of the disease, the doctors prescribe an even more severe dose of the medicine -- and each time it backfires.


The reality is that while ISIS may influence these Muslims in a general way, their animus is coming from their position as unwanted immigrants in Europe, especially in France, where they are still not treated French even if they are born there.The community as a whole has a disproportionate population of unemployed youth with poor education and housing and is constantly the butt of cultural humiliation.


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