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As part of the investigation, officials determined that the Reno businesses did not obtain a valid permit for filming and airing footage and have been fined 0 each, Skrocki said Tuesday from his Anchorage office.“They are not charged with anything other than not having a permit,” he said.“No permits were obtained by anyone at all to do operations in the park.”Dianda, also a managing director of Q&D Construction Inc.“We take this situation very seriously and have acted swiftly to suspend the show, its producers and talent.Cable TV’s Sportsman Channel has suspended a Reno-based hunting show whose producers were cited for having no permit to film or air a 2012 hunt in Alaska.The citation came about as part of a broader investigation into poaching in Alaska that resulted in charges against a Mississippi man and eight others. Federal authorities issued one citation each to Reno-based production companies The Outdoor Syndicate LLC and Zap Lab Sparks, said he often contracts with filming crews but also accepts freelance footage from hunters, including Dixon.He said the episode related to his citation was of a moose hunt which no one from his company took part in and the footage was shot by independent contractors.“I didn’t do my homework,” Dianda said.

We had approvals for all federal lands, or so we thought.”After the Sept.14 news conference in Alaska, Jim Liberatore, president/CEO of New York-based Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks, posted an online statement announcing the suspension of Dianda’s show.“Sportsman Channel is aware of the charges leveled yesterday in Alaska against ‘Syndicate Hunting’ and is conducting an internal investigation of this matter,” Liberatore said in the statement.for filming and airing footage without a permit for an episode of the show “Syndicate Hunting.”Michael Dianda, owner of The Outdoor Syndicate LLC, told the Reno Gazette-Journal his business has produced dozens of hunting episodes since he started the enterprise in 2011.The shows, many of which included frequent host Clark W.

“I take full responsibility for not calling the state of Alaska and making sure we had the proper permit.

I will gladly pay the fine.”Chris Swanson, owner of Zap Lab Ltd., said his firm worked with Dianda for the first two years of his TV show and did the post-production work on the Alaska episode which his citation dated September 2012.“I got my ticket yesterday,” Swanson said Tuesday of the citation. The agent told us the permit was invalid for the area in question.


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