Ibdating 2

" Some Republicans in the New Hampshire state legislature believe that the IB program is a pilot program of the United Nations and UNESCO that promotes a socialist agenda.

I have my share of criticisms for the UN and UNESCO, but they are a non-issue in this instance and dont control the IB program.

When we were fighting IB out in Incline Village, Nevada, there were a few so called Republicans who thought IB was the best thing since sliced bread. PS - the Blaze sucks, run by that religious nut who is working for foreign lobbyists, Glenn Beck. May I inquire if you used Howard Zinn's book "A People's History of the United States" as a primary text for the class?


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There are teachers who glare at the Dad of 4 who led the charge. Please read through the following page which details quite nicely the Obama/Duncan connection to IB dating back to 1998 when Obama served on the Annenberg Challenge with the unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.



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